The Rise of Mental Health Apps

Aizere Assylbek (2nd year Law) Now that we are most of the way through 2021, it is clear that some parts of the world have dealt with COVID-19 better than others. Regarding the UK, it is fair to say that the pandemic could have been handled better. December’s lockdown meant that people were, once again, forcedContinue reading “The Rise of Mental Health Apps”

Vertical Farming in the GCC: A Silver Bullet?

Will Watts (2nd year Law) The process of growing crops in vertically stacked layers within a fully controlled indoor environment is, without doubt, a niche proposition for ending world hunger. There are all sorts of issues, such as the huge amount of energy consumed and the astronomical start-up costs – not to mention the relativelyContinue reading “Vertical Farming in the GCC: A Silver Bullet?”

Choose Progress, Choose Romer

By Dylan Grice. In 2018, Paul Romer won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his contribution to economic growth theory. His essential insight, first formalised in his 1990 paper – Endogenous Technical Change[1] – was the role of the nonrivalry of knowledge in stimulating growth. That is, the use of knowledge by one individualContinue reading “Choose Progress, Choose Romer”

What Setbacks do we Face in the Covid Recovery?

By Jonathan Marshak. Whilst optimism over a way out of the public health crisis grows in this country and abroad, this article brings to light an emerging disparity between economic indicators and underlying economic data, signalling a bumpy path on our way to a wider economic recovery. A growing house price bubble in the UKContinue reading “What Setbacks do we Face in the Covid Recovery?”