Biden’s Green Revolution

By Sam O’Mara One of recently elected US President Joe Biden’s main campaign points was to invest in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, undoing many of the policies of his predecessor. The Biden administration feel that time is running out to put the US on a more environmentally friendly path, stating that it is necessaryContinue reading “Biden’s Green Revolution”

Vertical Farming in the GCC: A Silver Bullet?

Will Watts (2nd year Law) The process of growing crops in vertically stacked layers within a fully controlled indoor environment is, without doubt, a niche proposition for ending world hunger. There are all sorts of issues, such as the huge amount of energy consumed and the astronomical start-up costs – not to mention the relativelyContinue reading “Vertical Farming in the GCC: A Silver Bullet?”

Choose Progress, Choose Romer

By Dylan Grice. In 2018, Paul Romer won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his contribution to economic growth theory. His essential insight, first formalised in his 1990 paper – Endogenous Technical Change[1] – was the role of the nonrivalry of knowledge in stimulating growth. That is, the use of knowledge by one individualContinue reading “Choose Progress, Choose Romer”